Two Options

This is what I’m left with.

Option One: Do nothing

                     Choosing this Option means I will continue to eat as I do, continue to sit around and not be active and get more and more disgusted and depressed about                        my current state which will lead to a horrible ending.

Option Two: Change  

                     It’s a simple one word action. In reality it requires several different things. I have to eat healthy, have smaller portions, exercise and change my life. Option two is                      really my only option for living. I have to do this or I’m dead, this isn’t an over exaggeration. I know that if I don’t change my life I am not going to make it, if my                          weight doesn’t kill my health, my weight will kill my mind, I have already begun to see and feel the effects of both.


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  1. clinicalcynicall · April 7, 2015



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