Gotta Keep Going

I’m still going.

I’ve reached my calorie goal for the day. I’m really happy that my mind is set to change. The fighting isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong I still struggle at times, reminding myself that the fill of the food in the void in my life is temporary and that the real fill of that void will come when I lose weight.

What I currently do when I serve myself food is to only get the recommended serving size. What I will be doing starting tomorrow along with that is leaving food on the plate. It has come to my attention that regular people with regular families that didn’t grow up below poverty level weren’t ordered by their parents to not leave a single thing on their plate as a kid. In our culture we were scolded for not eating everything that was served to us but for some reason that logic just stuck as an adult and look where that got me. I don’t blame anyone else for my horrible eating habits, I take responsibility for not stopping that as I got older and was in charge of my own food. It just felt like part of life; something ingrained into you as normal. That’s about to change. I will start to leave a bite then two bites and so on. I still need to do my squats for tonight!
I also want to set a step goal from my S-health app. That way I know I have walked enough everyday!


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