Steps Day 2: Walking Challenge

Day 2 of The  30 Day Walking Challenge is almost over.

I walked over 2,500 steps today, most of it was on the stepper.

My legs burn after every set but I know that means I’m getting stronger.

I let myself have one of my cravings today.

It was well within my calorie limits as a snack, I had crunched up

Hot Cheeto Puffs with 3/4 of a pickle.

It was under 200 calories and I still have over 200 calories left after dinner for

another snack to battle away the hunger.

The evening is the hardest time for me, as I’ve stated before.

I won’t let myself have another snack until

AFTER I have done my squat reps.

Tomorrow I up the 2,500 to 3,000 steps, I am going to go outside for that one, hopefully it’s not too muddy but even then I will still go.

I am still giddy about losing almost 8 pounds this week,

although I am gonna work harder to reach my goal, which is

20 pounds in one month.


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