I’m still here

I’m still eating 1600 calories a day.
I haven’t posted because I’ve been running around seeing the Dr., Something I haven’t done in years. I’m not going to count the one time last year where this rushed Dr. saw me for 5 minutes, made sure that I knew I was too fat and left.
I received prescriptions for my anxiety and depression. Although I worry I will get the bad side effects some people get from the Lexapro. But when I took generic xanax for the really bad times, I felt perfect, at ease, no drugged or drowsy feeling.
Next step is to hear the results of my fasting labs and sonos. I am starting to have slightly elevated blood pressure. I check it twice a day and it’s always in the high 140s/90’s. I’m not going to lie, I am prepared to get bad news on the labs. I know that I have been gambling with my health these passed several years and now I’m paying for it.
There is some good news, after 5 years I am finally getting new glasses!


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