Everyday Is Exactly The Same

I find excitement in the most mundane of things.

I think it’s because there’s not much going on except the same old same old.

Wait, scratch that.

I feel that feeling creeping up on my for a second,

you know, the one where you think everything in your life is dull

and you let that take over instead of looking at the great things right in front of you.

Well I think I’m doing this right.

Despite having no real direction in life there are plenty of things to be excited about.

Without getting too personal about my family’s private life,

my son is graduating from kinder to 1st grade.

I really do wonder how he got so big so fast…

Also, I’m seeing Drs now and I haven’t done that in years.

On Saturday night I’ll be going in for a sleep study.

Sounds frightening yet I’m completely excited.

I also can’t forget that I have shown the most insane determination

and self-control, ever in my life, with food.

I don’t eat over 1600 calories a day and yet I don’t feel like breaking.

There are two causes for concern as I wait for my lab results, which should be ready

next week.

I haven’t had ovarian pain anymore, I really  hope the sonograms come back ok.

My blood pressure is still slightly elevated.

There’s this strange burning pain under my skin on my leg.

It’s probably the size of a silver dollar and there’s nothing on the surface.

I need to remember to bring that up when I see my Dr. next week.

I just hope that when my Fiance gets his CT Scan results, that there’s nothing wrong.

No need to get ahead of myself.


The S Health app has gotten a new look and some new features I am completely

in love with it.


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