Lab Results and Keto, Possibly?

I went to my sleep study on Saturday night. I hope they can tell how strangely I sleep. That really is one sure way to get help with gastric, should I choose to go that route. It was actually horrible. I couldn’t sleep with all those wires hooked up to me but I managed to get a few hours in.

I got my lab results and apart from having slightly high average sugar results and slightly high blood pressure readings, everything came out fine. I have some gallstones but not a significant amount to have surgery, even my hormones were fine. Honestly I feel more puzzled than anything. How can I be so healthy? I feel awful and I am extremely fortunate not to have full on diabetes. This is my chance to change everything. I still have time to turn things around!

I also want to try the Keto diet. I have been seeing people on /r/progresspics for months who have lost a lot of weight using the Keto method. Anyone have more insight? I have done the standard googling and YouTube watching and I am really planning on doing this in 2 weeks when I go grocery shopping. Meanwhile I have lost another pound and while I have stopped the cardio, I am still staying at 1600 calories a day.


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