Every Little Thing

I’m working out daily.

I just realistically can’t make time for the step challenge

at this time.

I will make time for it later.

I don’t want to do things that will discourage my lifestyle changes.

Today I did a new workout for 10 minutes

but tomorrow I will double that time and do some cardio outside

with my love while he works out.

I am not pushing myself as I should be.

Honestly I love that I have lost weight.

I’m talking to myself, trying to convince myself

that losing ANY weight is good.

I know it is.

I know that even one pound is amazing because even if it’s

slow and steady, that weight goal will come.

I need to keep working at this.

If I give up now

I will balloon to the horrible number.

I will never be comfortable at the beach.

I will never be happy.

Who knows how long I will live…

I can do this because



Steps Day 3: Walking Challenge

Still at it.

I somehow reached my 3,000 step goal today!

I say “somehow” because I didn’t have any energy for anything today.

I still got my butt up and moved though, because there’s a million reasons to keep going

and NOT ONE good one to quit.

I can’t find a good reason to quit and I won’t look for one either.

I want to keep going so I can love looking in the mirror again

instead of trying to avoid it.

Well that wraps this up I’m going to go do my squats before I let myself

have a snack!

Lots of calories left for me today!

Steps Day 2: Walking Challenge

Day 2 of The  30 Day Walking Challenge is almost over.

I walked over 2,500 steps today, most of it was on the stepper.

My legs burn after every set but I know that means I’m getting stronger.

I let myself have one of my cravings today.

It was well within my calorie limits as a snack, I had crunched up

Hot Cheeto Puffs with 3/4 of a pickle.

It was under 200 calories and I still have over 200 calories left after dinner for

another snack to battle away the hunger.

The evening is the hardest time for me, as I’ve stated before.

I won’t let myself have another snack until

AFTER I have done my squat reps.

Tomorrow I up the 2,500 to 3,000 steps, I am going to go outside for that one, hopefully it’s not too muddy but even then I will still go.

I am still giddy about losing almost 8 pounds this week,

although I am gonna work harder to reach my goal, which is

20 pounds in one month.

Weigh in!

I had previously posted that today was Weigh in day and to be honest I expected a realistic weight loss of about 2 pounds. To my pleasant surprise the scale read that I have lost 7.9 pounds this week! I was in disbelief so I quadruple checked and it was the same every time. This really gives me an extra boost of motivation. Seven pounds may not be a lot, but to me it’s less than I weighed last week and I’m one step closer to my goal. I’m hitting it hard again today. Despite some negative feedback I received from a certain in law about my weight loss I’m going to keep fighting. In fact her negativity shows why I have to keep going!


I found this 30 day walking challenge on the Myfitnesspal blog. I have started to follow it, I chose to start with the beginners training plan because honestly that is the level that I’m at. The first day you have to hit 2,000 steps, which is what I did. I used the stepper since it is muddy outside and personally I think using the stepper is more work. I divided the steps up by 500 steps then took a break. When I hit the first 1,000 I went on to cook dinner and after a couple of hours completed the last 1,000. I counted the steps using the Pedometer on the S health app that came with my Samsung Note 4. It’s pretty accurate and I really love that you can set your daily goal.

After the last 1,000 my legs felt like Jell-o and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I met my 1,600 calorie goal for the day and have drank over 64oz of water, although according to my water tracking app I need to drink at least double that.

I just realized that tomorrow is weigh in day! I hope there’s been some progress but I’m not going to stress about it because I didn’t gain all this weight in one week so I don’t expect it all to come off in a week either.

I have been under a lot of stress and usually I comfort myself by going out and buying junk food because it makes me feel better. I am glad that I haven’t given into that way of thinking in over a week. Sometimes I get the feeling that when I am bettering myself, certain people in my life find excuses to treat me like trash despite the hard work that I put into helping them and keeping the peace. Whatever it is, I’m not going to let them slow me down because I’m better than that, I have to be.

Gotta Keep Going

I’m still going.

I’ve reached my calorie goal for the day. I’m really happy that my mind is set to change. The fighting isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong I still struggle at times, reminding myself that the fill of the food in the void in my life is temporary and that the real fill of that void will come when I lose weight.

What I currently do when I serve myself food is to only get the recommended serving size. What I will be doing starting tomorrow along with that is leaving food on the plate. It has come to my attention that regular people with regular families that didn’t grow up below poverty level weren’t ordered by their parents to not leave a single thing on their plate as a kid. In our culture we were scolded for not eating everything that was served to us but for some reason that logic just stuck as an adult and look where that got me. I don’t blame anyone else for my horrible eating habits, I take responsibility for not stopping that as I got older and was in charge of my own food. It just felt like part of life; something ingrained into you as normal. That’s about to change. I will start to leave a bite then two bites and so on. I still need to do my squats for tonight!
I also want to set a step goal from my S-health app. That way I know I have walked enough everyday!

*Craving Curve*

Today has been wonderful 

in terms of caloric intake.

I’m 300 calories under my goal!

I wanted to share some things that help me when it gets tough staying away from

temptations and cravings.

It can be hard when you don’t get your sugary fix when trying to lose weight.

I have immense cravings particularly around that time of the month.

I thought I would share some of my favorite alternatives to high calorie sweets.

Above you can see the classic alternative, fruit cup.

I choose to have either diced peach or tangerines but i choose to get the cups with no sugar added.

I really do think they taste better when they’re not sitting in syrup

and I have no guilt.

They have about 30 calories per cup.

They really are sweet and satisfying.

Secondly, sometimes I just get tired of water.

It is difficult to quit sugary drinks such as soda or juices, cold turkey,

so what I like about the Crystal Light individual packs is that you just put some in your water, shake it up and enjoy!

It is sweet and tart and only has 5 calories per serving.

Last but definitely not least I have these Kashi Crunchy Granola & Seed bars with chocolate chips and chia seeds.

They are just the right amount of natural and sweet.

They have the perfect amount of crunch without breaking your teeth.

I love chocolate, so going without it is a difficult task.

When I’m having a craving or just if I think i will break if I don’t have a snack I grab one of the bars

and with 320mg of ALA Omega-3 and two bars at 180 calories each, it is a perfect substitute.

I know everyone is different but I just wanted to share some of the ways I curb those cravings

because no matter what anyone says or thinks

losing weight is hard,  in order to lose it, you have to change your whole life.